Up Date as at 12/07/2020

The latest official information from the British Crown Green Bowling Association states that 30 people will be allowed at a bowling green as long as social distancing is maintained. This figure is the total number of people at the green, players and spectators.

We propose to limit the number of players on the green to a maximum of twelve people ,(3 games of doubles)  or ( 4 games of singles, 8 people). This  will allow for social distancing, (2 metres between individuals and 4metres between groups). Because of the increase in numbers there will be no need to allocate and control when people are allowed to play. It will be like social bowling in the past. Just come down to the green and enjoy a game. If the green is full you will still be able to watch until there is a space on the green. Players on the green should always consider those waiting to play and not prolong their time on the green

Coronavirus is still a threat and there are sensible precautions which we need to take. There is a register in the Clubhouse in which everyone, players and spectators must enter their name, time spent on the green and telephone number.

The official notice from the British Crown Green Bowling Association should be read by all members. This will be in the Clubhouse with the Register. Notices will also be displayed reminding members of the importance of hygiene. The enclosed notice will be displayed in the Clubhouse window for all to see.

Endmoor Bowling Club will be open for social bowling from noon on Monday July 13th.

We ask that everyone follows the above advice so that we can all enjoy some social bowling in a safe and relaxed atmosphere.

Thank you all for your patience.

 George B Thompson (Secretary)

Endmoor Bowling Club

Green open from noon on Monday July 13th for Social Bowling

  1. Maximum number of people at the Green is 30. (Players and Spectators)
  2. To allow for Social Distancing, (2 metres between players and 4 metres between groups), players on the Green limited to 4 games of singles (8 players) or 3 games of doubles (12 players)
  3. Only Club members allowed on the Green.
  4. Everyone must sign the register of attendance in the clubhouse.
  5. Club equipment can be used.
  6. After use Club equipment (bowls, jacks and mats) must disinfected/cleaned when game is completed.
  7. No shaking of hands. Use appropriate alternative methods
  8. Follow strong hygiene practices
  9. Be careful about touching solid surfaces i.e. gates, doors and seating.
  10. Do not use catering facilities in the Clubhouse ,(no drinks)
  11. Before leaving the Green make sure you have completed your entry in the Register
  12. Wash your hands as soon as you get home.


Up Date as at 05/06/2020

The Executive Committee of the South Westmorland Seniors’ Bowling  League have all agreed that there will be no League bowling this season due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Up Date as at 30/05/2020

Message from the league

To All Club Secretaries

It has come to the time that we have to make a decision.

The Officers of the League have all agreed that there will be no Kendal League Bowling this season. This is due mainly to the fact of Social Distancing, and players having to travel to games. Also some Clubs will not be able to fulfill their games because of the loss of players. It may come that some Clubs might even have to withdraw from the League. 

Any repercussions to be sorted out at an Executive Meeting to be held when it is possible to do so.

Thank you for all your patience and support.

Colin Haworth
Chairman. Kendal & District bowling League

To all members, of Endmoor Bowling Club,

Current government advice is that bowling greens can open from Wednesday 13th May 2020 but with many restrictions.                             

                The main points are:-

                        Only one group (2 people) permitted on the green at a time.

                        The Clubhouse and toilets must remain closed.

                        Players should use their own equipment (bowls, mats and jacks)

                        A schedule of attendance (names, dates and times must be recorded)

Arrangements should be made to manage the social distancing (2 metres) and all other hygiene procedures           

            The problems we face are

 Many members will not have their own mats or jacks and some use the club woods which will not be available

 Arranging and controlling a schedule to allow every member access to the green at a specified time.

 Lack of facilities for hygiene (toilets and hand washing).

 After weeks of staying safely at home and considering that the majority of members are in the high-risk category, it would seem foolish to rush to open the green at the present time. Endmoor Bowling Green remains closed.

 Thank you for your patience.

You can be assured that everyone will be kept informed and that the green will open when it is practically possible and safe.

 George Thompson (Secretary)

We’d like to offer a warm welcome to our friendly crown green bowling club. Established early in the 20th century,(see history page for more detail) we have a proud history of social and competitive bowling. Our green is normally open daily for all ages. Through several teams  we have a busy fixtures list that all can take part in.

2019 Season

Green Opens – Saturday 23rd March 2019

Green Closes – Sunday 6th October 2019


Membership                                           £35:00

Green Fees per person, per session   £2:00